Time + Precision sensor

Use MAKKER to set up a track anywhere and measure lap times, split times and precision.

MAKKER is perfect for drone flying, running, personal training, all RC, physics experiments in the classroom and any other passion, hobby, and interest you have.

What's under the hood?!

Marks for UAV drone training


Position the MARKS to set up a track - and you are good to go.
The MARKS emit infrared light that the TAG registers.
Place them on the ground, on the wall, under a table or in the tree.
It is your imagination that makes it a fun track.

Tag for drone training sensor


Place the TAG on your drone, RC car or bicycle or anything else you are using. The TAG simply registers the infrared light emitted from the MARKS and immediately activates the audio-visual feedback on the app.

Drone track recording app for smartphone


An app for training, racing, and precision.

The MAKKER app measures the time spent getting from the first to last MARK. And it logs lap and split times so you can monitor your progress and development.

The app can also measure time spent hovering over each marker and converts this into direct audio-visual feedback. This can be used to improve your flying skills by keeping the drone stationary - even in crosswinds.

How long can you activate the markers? Can you activate the markers when flying outside in a strong wind? Who of your friends is the best at hitting the mark?

What better way to track your progress or compare your skills against your best drone friend (or enemy).

Drone flight training

Challenge your precision skills!

Longest hover in a crosswind:

The quickest gain of control:

Fastest lap::

Personal training and exercise

Push and motivate yourself!

Fastest 25 meters:

Fastest lap:

Best split time of the day:

Everything RC

Improve and your skills!

Fastest lap:

Fastest time between two MARKS:

Calculate your speed:
37 kph / 23 mph

The list of things:

1 x MAKKER app
1 X USB cable – USB A to 4 X micro USB
1 X Quick Start Manual
4 X Double sided sticky pads
4 X Velcro pads
1 X Velcro armband
3 X Strings of rope
1 X Carabiner

MARK 62 mm in diameter / 2,44 inches in diameter
TAG 43 mm in diameter / 1,69 inches in diameter

MARK 38 grams / 1.34 ounces
TAG 18 grams / 0,63 ounces

Developed for Android 6.0 (Marshmellow) and beyond.
Developed for iOS 9.x and beyond.
Created for Bluetooth 4.2 and beyond.