MAKKER is all about Improving your flying skills and challenging your friends.


MAKKER is a fantastically easy way for you to create a drone track for racing or precision flying. MAKKER doesn’t only make it fun to fly – you just can’t help getting better at flying the more you use it.

MAKKER was originally developed for professional drone pilots but you can use if for almost any drone and, more importantly, any drone pilot can use it, regardless of skill or experience.

MAKKER is the perfect tool for drone training, for the first time drone pilot, the experienced drone pilot, the drone school, the young and the old drone pilot.


Drone flying can feel monotonous and it is hard to keep up a level of challenge on your own.

This is where MAKKER comes in. It is an interactive physical drone track that gives you direct audiovisual feedback when you fly over a set of markers.

MAKKER adds a purpose to your flying by turning it into a game and it lets you compare your skills with fellow drone fanatics.

Set up a track anywhere!


MAKKER is the perfect tool for flight schools. Both instructor and student will benefit from its’ ability to monitor progress at the times when precise visual feedback is crucial.

Use MAKKER to practice and maintain your flying skills and become a confident drone pilot!

Get the most out of your drone!

MAKKER is for all drone pilots!


Professional drone pilot

MAKKER is the perfect tool for flight schools. Both instructor and student will benefit from the ability to monitor performance and progress thanks to MAKKER’S visible and precise feedback. You can use MAKKER to practice and maintain your flying skills as a professional drone operator and to increase the quality of the product you deliver to your clients.

FPV drone racing

MAKKER can be used or drone racing, but not in the way you know it! Race like crazy, but when you get to a MARK, you need to get the drone down in speed, and under total control to "hit the spot."

Using it this way, you can measure lap and split times, and it will add a new dimension to your training and flying!



When you are indoors, use MAKKER to turn drone flying and RC into a social activity by letting you compete in both race and precision flying. Use MAKKER in the narrow spaces of your living room at home to challenge your precision skills even further.