Recently Drone Class has been approached by a Danish startup with a request to get started with MAKKER, a training system for drone flying. Mikkel Barker, inventor and also drone pilot, sent MAKKER to us. Below you can read our review. In brief MAKKER is an infrared tag system, designed for consumer drones such as the DJI Mavic Air or a simple race drone. A small tag has to be placed on the bottom of the drone. This tag weighs 18 grams. Then you can set a course with three markers on a field. A marker emits infrared signals in a 40-degree field, which can be picked up to about 2.5 meters high in the air by the tag. Once the tag is in the infrared range, it lights up and a time is recorded. Via Bluetooth (4.2 or higher) the tag can be connected to your smartphone. When flying over a marker with the drone, the MAKKER app gives an audio signal on your iPhone or Android device. The app also keeps track of the time you fly from marker to marker or a lap across the entire course. The set was tested by Drone Class. In the box A MAKKER kit consists of the following parts: Tag Three markers USB cable - USB A to 4x micro USB A number of self-adhesive stickers Manual (in English) You must first load the tag and the markers from the packaging. Full charging takes about two hours in total. The USB cable has four branches, so you can charge everything in one go. During the charging time you can read through the manual, which is clearly written and also with humour. That makes it fun to start. Options With MAKKER you can fly in two modes. There is a training mode,...

From commercial pilot to drone pilot!

When I was a kid, I dreamt of flying! I don't know what it was, but the freedom, the adventure, the thrill and the excitement of being high in the sky in a machine that you could control in all directions was fantastic. I remember seeing the movie "The right stuff" and all people with four stripes on their shoulders were heroes in my eyes. I later became a commercial pilot working many years as a flight, and aerobatic instructor. I loved when my instructions gave the students the needed skills to fly themselves or stay on top of an intense situation. Read moreFrom commercial pilot to drone pilot!