We wan't to inspire play

Makkerplay is your automatic stopwatch!
No need to rely on your friend pressing stop at the right time - which will not happen anyway!

Use it with the friends you love and the stuff that you already have.


Sign up and get a great deal and endless hours of fun!
We are launching april 2021


We are turning the stopwatch into your favorite team player - by making it automatic!

Robust, easy to use
and quick to set up. 


It's not fun when your friend cheats!

No more need for you to rely on your best friend pressing stop at the right time ……. which will never really happen anyway.

Makkerplay is an app that together with the sensor, measures your precise lap and split times.

It's your personal finish line!

Whether you are on your bike, skateboard, scooter, car or whether you drive RC cars or your Lego mindstors, you can enter a great race to beat the record.

Use it with your favorite toy

You can't buy a world record, but you can buy a Makkerplay set and that's pretty close

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