The Reinvented Stopwatch

The coolest, easy-to-use, most accurate automatic stopwatch

Play, train or compete in any activity together with friends and family


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Robust, easy-to-use and cool design 

The tag to MAKKERplay's stopwatch


Can register speeds up to 60 mph
More the 4 hours of battery life


Select mode 1 for lap times or
mode 2 for split times
Blue light indicating selected mode

Mobile app to MAKKERplay's stopwatch


Accurate down to milliseconds
Select both race and precision mode
Automatically connects to the TAG if connection has been lost


in 4 simple steps


Create a unique and one-of-a-kind track

Place the TAG and MARK's and start the App

Start racing


Record your new world record and share it with the planet

Why an automatic stopwatch is your favourite team player:

It's your automatic and unbiased judge

  • No need to rely on your best friend pressing stop at the right time
  • 100% focus on the competition - MAKKERplay will take care of the rest
  • Finally, end quarrels between friends and family and let everyone enjoy the game

MAKKERplay Stopwatch used with an Electric Scooter
MAKKERplay Stopwatch used on Escalators

It will gamify every activity

  • Use what's available around you
  • Build the coolest track and race with your bike
  • Ever wondered whether you, your sister or dad is the fastest around the house?
  • MAKKERplay will automatically tell you who is the fastest around the track or block
  • Apply MAKKERplay to bikes, rollerblades, RC-toys or yourself and you are set to go

Bringing nostalgia back!

  • Get all your cool gadgets out of the storage and rediscover play
  • Rediscover the thrill you had from first riding you skateboard
  • The good old days of playing on the streets will emerge again
  • MAKKERplay is the automatic stopwatch that will get you and your friends off the grid by competing in fun environments

MAKKERplay Stopwatch used on a Bike

You can't buy a world record, but you can buy a MAKKERplay kit and set your own record

Get your very own personal Hero Card

If you share a video of your world record, we will create a Hero Card and place you in our hall of fame

A Hero Card documenting your fastest time with MAKKERplay stopwatch

Once we have 52 cards, we will ship you a set of MAKKERplay Hero Cards

  • Use them on a rainy day
  • Use them to brag about your big achievement
  • Get proof of your World Record
  • Tell your grandchildren the story
    Rules: The fastest wins. The rest is up to you!

Get outside and go fast

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