Perfect for integrating drones in the classroom.

The possibilities with the MAKKER sensor are endless.

Use it to measure acceleration, get better balance, measure rowing strokes interval, get basic drone skills, calculate velocity, measure lap times in the pool, count number of people passing, precision park your car and a lot more.
MAKKER was originally created for drone pilots but can be used for so much more by so many more.

“I have used Makker for a competition in a school subject with Lego Mindstorm robots. We created a track with six posts that the students had to complete in time. It worked well, and there was intense competition in achieving the best time. I will for sure use MAKKER again and maybe in other situations. It is only the imagination that sets the limits.”
Lars Tværvang, Teacher at SDE college.


Our MAKKERplay educational drone kit is a Plug N Play solution for the classroom!

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Everything you need in a suitcase. Easy integration of drones in the classroom

With our MAKKERplay drone kit, we have made the integration of the drones in the classroom easy.
Drones are fun, challenging and educational and together with our sensor, it makes drone even more fun, challenging and educational as well as motivational for both girls and boys, women and men.
The kit consists of our MAKKER sensor system, a drone and all the stuff you will need for the lesson.
You can easily switch out the drone for a robot and get even more out of the MAKKERplay kit.
Contact us for a talk on how you can give your students a look into the future.


Take learning outside

MAKKERplay encourages you to take the learning outside. Set up a track anywhere and measure times and precision. There are so many things you can use the sensor for!

Delivering 4 kits to Mølleskolen

The principal, Kristian Toft of Mølleskolen, Denmark is committed to bringing the fascination of drones to his students.


Get better af flying with instant feedback!

Place the TAG on your favorite drone and try to hit the MARK. You will quickly get good at the basic flight maneuvers!
Once you know the basic you can start to push the envelope!

Getting started with MAKKER is as simple as this!



Place the TAG on your drone, RC car, electric scooter, or create a start and finish line for running.
The tag simply registers the infrared light emitted from the marker and immediately activates the audiovisual feedback.



Position the MARKS to set up a track - and you are good to go.
The MARKS emit infrared light that the TAG registers.
Place them on the ground, on the wall, under a table or in the tree.
It is your imagination that makes it a fun track.


An app for training, racing, and precision. The App connects to the TAG and records your time inside the MARK's light field or the time between two MARKS.

How long can you activate the MARKS? Can you activate the MARKS when flying outside in a strong wind? Who of your friends is the best at hitting the mark?  Who is fastest between two MARKS?  

What better way to track your progress or compare your skills against your best friend (or enemy).


That’s what drone trainers like!

"MAKKER is a nice product that has been made with craftsmanship and pleasure. The race mode encourages you to put effort into becoming a more skilled drone pilot."

Sem van Geffen 
Gamification and Dron<e expert from the Netherlands

Do you love drones? MAKKER is all about making you more accurate, precise and skillful.

Use MAKKER to set up a drone track anywhere and measure lap times, drone flight split times and precision. MAKKER is all about Improving your flying skills and challenging your friends in drone racing.

MAKKER is a fantastically easy way for you to create a drone track for racing or drone precision flying. MAKKER doesn’t only make it fun to fly – you just can’t help getting better at flying the more you use it.

MAKKER is the perfect tool for drone training, for the first time drone pilot, the experienced drone pilot, the drone school, the young and the old drone pilot.