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Compare, compete, challenge

MAKKERplay is your racing pal when it's about getting that heartbeat of yours beating.

Simply get your MAKKERplay set, download the app and get creative with where you place your markers. Once you're ready, grab your tag and get going - and don't worry, the app is totally unbiased when registering your time.

Once you're done, hit the stop button and we'll automatically give you a rundown of your fastest laps - all that's left is a little celebration for the winner of the race.

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Behind MAKKERplay

Mikkel Barker

Mikkel Barker Founder of the Stopwatch from MAKKERplay

Founder, pilot and CEO

I have a background as a commercial pilot and flight- and aerobatic instructor. For the past ten years, I have worked professionally with photography and GPS measurement for building and infrastructure assignments, where both precision and position is essential. When I first bought a drone for photography, I experienced a need for feedback.
I needed something that could motivate and challenge me and make me a better pilot - and this lead to the idea for Makkerplay.

The journey of MAKKERplay has been fun and knowledgeable. Mikkel's initial idea of a gadget used for drones has been expanded on. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we found out that MAKKERplay is perfect for activity-driven games. Outdoor and indoor, urban and in the forest together with family and friends. Therefore we shifted focus. 

Throughout the lockdown, we all know the feeling of frustrated kids and parents on endless Zoom or Teams calls. We all just want to be active with the toys and gadgets we have around us. So get on your electric scooter, play with your RC-toys or take a run around the black. Challenge your friend or sister. With MAKKERplay, we inspire you to compete by using an automatic stopwatch that is your unbiased referee.